Apes of Nature, Myth, & The Imagination

Bonus Materials

This section provides bonus materials for Apes of Nature, Myth, & the Imagination. This material is available for free; however, to fully benefit from these additional materials requires a copy of Apes of Nature, Myth, & the Imagination. We will be adding new bonus materials regularly, so check back frequently.

The following items are currently available:

Apes of Nature, Myth, & the Imagination demo version: Try before you buy. This download contains sample pages from the full product.

Sapient Ape Military Structure: This page provides details of sapient ape military structure and typical stats for warriors, fang leaders, optimate leaders, and pro-optimate leaders.

The Voyage of Hanno: A translation of the Periplus, a Greek manuscript containing a record of the historic voyage of the Carthaginian admiral Hanno down the coast of Africa. This is thought to be the first recorded encounter with gorillas.

Aristotle’s Account on Apes: A translation of Aristotle ’s account of apes from his Historiae Animalium.

Printer-Friendly Cover Page: A printer-friendly version of the cover page of Apes of Nature, Myth, & the Imagination..

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Bonus Materials




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