Apes of Nature, Myth, & The Imagination


Go ape!
Apes of Nature, Myth, & the Imagination takes you on an exploration of the world of apes, journeying from the ancient to the modern world, from pre-history to the 19th-century exploration of Central Africa and the Far East, with stops in the fields of cryptozoology, mythology, fiction, and fantasy. Along the way, you will encounter a number of curious beasts, and find:

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• Pages: 66
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Stats and descriptions for 22 types of ape, with Challenge Ratings ranging from 1/2 to 72,
6 new character races,
Stats and a description of Nzumi the Ape God and his ape religion,
A new domain and 2 new spells,
37 high-quality illustrations,
Scale diagrams comparing animal sizes to humans and halflings,
Genuine excerpts from real medieval bestiaries,
Tales, true stories, and legends about the various ape species, and
Many other elements designed to entertain, educate, and give Games Masters greater insight into how to use these creatures in their campaigns.

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