The Bestiary: Predators

New Feats & Special Abilities

Bestiary: Predators introduces 2 new Feats, and 8 new Special Abilities. These are designed to more accurately simulate some of the actual capabilities of various species of predator. In addition to these, 11 Feats, Special Abilities, and Skills have been extensively edited and updated to make them more appropriate for Animal Types.

The new Feats and Special Abilities introduced in The Bestiary: Predators are listed below:

New Feats

Awesome Bite: Animals with this feat have a bite damage bonus greater than their overall damage bonus.

Track Scent: Animals that possess the Track Scent feat are able to follow the scent trail of other animals over long distances.

New Special Abilities

Charge: An animal with this special ability deals increased damage with its initial attack against an opponent after charging.

Cling: An animal with this special attack is especially adapted for grabbing and clinging to its opponent with its claws, suckers, or other natural weapon.

Sprint: Animals with this ability can move once per hour at multiple times their normal speed when running or making a charge attack.

Strangle: When an animal with this special attack succeeds in grappling an opponent, it may attempt to strangle that opponent.

Thrash: An animal with this special attack can injure or kill its prey by vigorously shaking it back and forth.

Ultra Low-Light Vision: An animal with Ultra Low-light Vision can see in conditions with only small traces of light.

Venom: Some animals deliver venom as part of their natural attack. The venom special ability provides a more realistic and accurate simulation of how venoms work than the Poison special ability in the D20 rules.

Vice-like Bite: If an animal with this special attack succeeds in biting an opponent, it can hold on with great tenacity and is difficult to dislodge.

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