The Bestiary: Predators

Bonus Materials

This section provides bonus materials for The Bestiary: Predators. These include new creatures, rules, illustrations, and tables. This material is available for free download; however, to fully benefit from these additional materials requires a copy of The Bestiary: Predators. We will be regularly adding new bonus materials, so check back regularly.

The following items are currently available for download:

The Bestiary: Predators demo version: Try before you buy. This download contains sample pages from the full product.

Animal Encounter Tables: This table divides animals by climate and habitat, providing a list of which particular animals will typically be encountered in a given environment.

World Climates: This map provides a rough map of Earth's climate groups, dividing the Earth into Tropical, Subtropical, Temperate, Subpolar, and Polar climate zones. These zones correspond with those used in the Bestiary.

Bonus Image Gallery: This is a gallery of additional images, not included in the final product.

Mozambique Spitting Cobra (Naja mossambica): Several species of cobra are included in the Bestiary. However, none of those included possesses the ability to spit venom. This one does.

Spit Venom (Ex): A new special ability for use with The Bestiary: Predators, and in particular with the spitting cobra..

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Bonus Materials



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